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Flourish Research is where clinical trials thrive.

Our History

Flourish Leesburg was founded as Medical Research of Central Florida in 2003, conducting late phase Pulmonary studies. The site joined Clinical Site Partners, founded by Dr. Faisal A. Fakih and Ana T. Marquez. Today Flourish Leesburg has expanded capabilities to in-patient trials and is a multi-therapeutic site conducting studies in Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Infectious Diseases, and Pulmonology. Flourish Leesburg is led by Dr. Jose Diaz, a board-certified Pulmonologist. The team pride themselves on their patient diversity, high retention rate, and proven quality data.

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Championing Inclusivity In Your Research Journey

At Flourish Research, we strive toward excellence. In clinical trials and healthcare, excellence means everyone deserves the best care, regardless of their race, color, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We embrace employees, customers, and patients from all underrepresented groups to help make this vision a reality.

Flourish Research is driven by a diverse and inclusive community of passionate people who are committed to improving the quality of life of communities around the world. Flourish is committed to a safe work environment where all employees, customers, and patients are included, and treated with dignity and respect.

Flourish strives to build an organization that attracts and leverages diversity in our staff, which reflects the diversity of our local communities. We promote education, acceptance, and inclusion because there is beauty in diversity. The more diversity we have in our team, the more unique perspectives, and ideas we share, and the better prepared we are to serve our communities. WE SEE YOU. WE ARE YOU. WE EMBRACE YOU. WE CELEBRATE YOU!

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