Watch: Great! You’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. Now what?

By Douglas Denham| 1 Min Read | July 13, 2022

Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine? You have? Perfect! Hear what Dr. Douglas Denham, Chief Medical Director at Flourish Research of San Antonio, has to say about the next steps after getting vaccinated.

Douglas Denham

Douglas Scott Denham, DO, CPI, is Chief Medical Director of Flourish San Antonio, previously Clinical Trials of Texas, and is board-certified in Family Medicine, with more than 25 years of experience. He has served as Principal Investigator on more than 750 studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas such as vaccines, diabetes, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, kidney disease, hypertension,  implantable devices, insulin pumps, clamp studies, and more.…

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