Sign up for MyStudyManager

Sign up for:

  1. From PC 
  2. You can also download on phone/device by going to the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Fill out the registration information.
    1. First Name and Last Name (If you have two last names DO NOT space in between the last name  or add hyphen
    2. Email (Must be the same as the on you used to register in our database)  
    3. Password (created by patient) 
    4. Confirm password 
    5. Phone number 
    6. Country (very important to select) 
    7. Click Register
    8. A pop up will appear “You have registered successfully”.
    9. You will be directed to login after registration.
    10. Once logged into you will be routed to the Dashboard  

(You will not have a study assigned until you come in for the appointment)                                                                                                                                                                                                        

If you have any questions please contact 210-949-0122 X290 

Benefits of Signing up:

  1. You can sign documents electronically. 
  2. It’s easier for you to track your participation in a study
  3. You can get notifications of new study opportunities right in the app
  4. You can use from a home PC, phone or any device 
  5. You’ be able to view the Stipend amount 

If you have any questions, call 210-949-0122

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