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High Cholesterol Study

High Cholesterol Study

Basic Criteria 

  • Are you ages 18-65
    • On one of the statins below:
    •  Atorvastatin 10 to 80 mg once daily 
    •  Rosuvastatin 5 to 40 mg once daily 
    • Atorvastatin 10 to 20 mg once daily 
    •  Lovastatin 40 mg once daily 
    •  Pravastatin 40 mg once daily  
    • Simvastatin 20 to 40 mg once daily. 
    • Bmi 18-35 (Click here to calculate)


Answers Must Be No 

  • If female, are you of child-bearing potential? (Non-childbearing = Postmenopausal 12 months, hysterectomy, bilateral oophorectomy or bilateral salpingectomy only) 
  • Do you have any clinically significant diseases such as cancer, heart failure, etc? 
  • Do you have any gastrointestinal, kidney, liver or surgery that interferes with absorption or excretion of drugs? 
  • Do you have Hepatitis A, B, C or HIV? 
  • Do you have uncontrolled high blood pressure (over 150>90?) 
  • Do you consume more than 2 alcoholic drinks per day (female) or 3 drinks a day (male)? 
  • Are you a vegan or have any dietary requirements? 
  • Have you had any significant illness, surgery or injury in the past 4 weeks? 
  • Have you donated plasma during the past month? 
  • Have you donated or lost any blood more than 500 ML in the past 3 months? 
  • Have you had COVID in the past 4 weeks? 
  • Have you been in a study where you received drug in the past 30 days? 

Answers Must Be Yes 

  • If male with a partner of child-bearing potential, is your partner stable for at least 1 month through 3 months after the study on a highly effective form of birth control such as an oral, intravaginal, transdermal, injectable, implantable, intrauterine device or hormone-releasing system? Bilateral tubal occlusion and sexual abstinence also count. 
  • If yes, do you agree to also you a barrier method (condom, diaphragm, cervical/vault cap with spermicide) 
  • Are you able to read and understand study directions? 
  • If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, are you willing to comply with smoking restrictions during the study? 
  • Are you willing to limit caffeine-containing foods during the study (ex: fewer than 5 cups of coffee?) 
  • Additional criteria will apply   


Compensation up to $12,625 is available for time and travel.

 PLEASE NOTE: Please confirm your eligibility before your appointment by calling 210-714-0067


If you do not see an available appointment, please call 210-714-0067 for availability 


Transportation may be available. Call 210-714-0067

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