Finding the right clinical trial sites to meet enrollment timelines with high-quality data can be challenging.

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Flourish Research takes the burden off of you. Our Phase 1 Inpatient site has conducted more than 89 studies, enrolling more than 1,500 patients. We have more than 8,000 healthy volunteers pre-identified in our database to enroll in studies.

Capabilities and Experience

  • First-in-Human​
  • PK/PD
  • Insulin challenges​
  • Glucose challenges
  • Glucose/Insulin manipulation
  • Phase Ib/IIa in patient populations
  • Lumbar punctures
  • Infusions​
  • Certified FibroScan techs
  • Bioequivalence
  • Cardiac telemetry
  • Full-service, onsite PBMC laboratories​
  • Outpatient Phase 1 trial experience at 7 locations​

Therapeutic Experience


Patient Population

  In addition to the study-specific training by the PIs, our Phase 1 study teams perform a mock run


Built for Efficiency and Excellence

At Flourish, our wholly-owned sites are harmonized and standardized (SOPs, training, Budgets & Contracts, start-up, quality management) to ensure data consistency and efficiencies between sites.

Quality Management
Budgets & Contracts

Early Phase Facilities & Equipment

  • 57 inpatient beds
  • Dedicated, secure overnight facilities
  • Temperature data logging & phone alert system​
  • Synchronous Atomic Clocks​
  • Limited-access, temperature-controlled drug storage​
  • Ambient and refrigerated centrifuges​
  • Drug & specimen refrigerators
  • -80°C  and -20°C freezers​
  • ECG, with onsite interpretations​
  • EEG Procedures
  • Spirometry
  • Pharmacy hood
  • Dietician-planned meals​
  • IV infusion dosing/monitoring
  • YSI machines (Biochemistry Analyzer)
  • eDocs, eRegulatory for 24/7 access of data
  • Accommodations for sponsor/CROs for onsite observation of dosing/procedures​
  • Accredited sleep labs
  • Backup generators
  • Crash Carts
  • eSource

Complex Inpatient Studies

Healthy volunteers:

  • Recent healthy volunteer study randomized 33 in one month despite a complex schedule of a 6-day inpatient stay, followed by 8 consecutive outpatient visits, a 56-day washout, then repeat the 6 inpatient/8 outpatient-day series. Despite the complexity, the site had a retention rate of 88%. This study involved multiple PK and safety timepoints.
  • Site has strategically grown the database of healthy volunteers to more than 8,000.
  • Another healthy volunteer study randomized 72, but patients struggled with side effects from the treatment. Despite that challenge, the site maintained an 85% completion rate thanks to preparing the patient for the potential side effects during informed consent and developing strong patient relationships.
  • Top Enrollers:
  • CTT was a top enroller, despite being a rescue site in a recent Low-T study.
  • Highest enroller in genetic NASH study, where the success was fueled by a robust NAFLD/NASH prescreening program.

Staff Experience

  • Douglas Denham, DO, Chief Medical Director
  • Dr. Denham has overseen more than 100 Phase 1 studies.
  • Faisal A. Fakih, MD, Chief Medical Director
  • Dr. Fakih has been involved with 20 Phase 1 studies.
  • Parke Hedges, MD, Investigator
  • Dr. Hedges has been involved with 20 Phase 1 studies.
  • Parke Hedges, MD, Investigator
  • Dr. Hedges has been involved with 20 Phase 1 studies.
  • Mark Rosenthal, MD, Investigator
  • Dr. Rosenthal has been involved with 4 Phase 1 studies.
  • Barbara Corral,  DNP, MSN, MA, FNP-BC, Director Early Phase Services (pictured, left)
  • Dr. Corral has worked on more than 20 Phase 1 studies.​​​​
  • Steven Schmid, PhD, Senior Director, Lab
  • Dr. Schmid has more than 35 years’ of experience in drug discovery and development.​​

PBMC Onsite Processing

Flourish Research offers in-house PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell) services to meet client needs for the evaluation of the cellular immune function within the clinical trial setting.

  • Onsite processing eliminates the need for sample transport, which is a weak link in the process
  • Network-wide SOPs and quality control
  • Four labs supporting 8 sites across the U.S.
  • Deliverable: high-yield, high-viability cryopreserved (PBMC) cells


  • Temperature-controlled labs
  • Isolation using Ficoll/CPT and/or other isolation techniques
  • Class II A2 biosafety cabinets
  • Fluorescent staining & image analysis
  • Two-step cryopreservation process
  • Long-term storage in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen at -135° C

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