Flourish Bowie has joined the Flourish Research Team!

Dr. Sara Collins and Dr. Barbara Hutchinson have been serving the community in and around the Bowie, Maryland area since 2003.

Flourish Research Bowie is conveniently located between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC which encompasses a diverse population. Given their centralized location, the team at Flourish Research Bowie has the privilege to represent different generations, ethnicities and genders in cardiovascular research studies.

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Play a Role in Life-Changing Therapeutics.


Contact our recruitment team to schedule your visit today! 410-824-1341.

Participate In A Clinical Study

Interested in joining a clinical study? Complete this form and a member of our recruitment team will contact you to determine your eligibility for study participation.


Your Study Experience

We strive to give you the best possible study experience from start to finish!


1st Visit

Depending on what study you are interested in, your first visit may be a screening or a prescreening. No need to worry, we’ll go over all of that with you beforehand.



Typically, a doctor has scheduled their time to see you for your visit. Please call us at 410-824-1341 if you need to reschedule.


Informed Consent

Study participation is always voluntary. We’ll thoroughly inform you of study timelines, procedures, and details.



Most studies involve a screening visit to determine if you will qualify to continue in the study.


Study Procedures

Some studies require you to keep a daily diary, take medication, or complete other self-monitored activities. Please know that we depend on you to do this during the study.


Benefits of Being in a Study

You may receive free diagnostic testing, doctor exams, and education about your condition.


If You Don't Qualify

You will receive a reason and explanation, as well as test results. With your permission, we’ll keep your information on file for future studies.

Q & A

What about the cost?

  • Not only is it free to participate, but you’ll receive compensation for each study.
  • In some cases, travel is provided.
  • Insurance is not required. Even without insurance coverage, you get access to medical care as a clinical trial participant.

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial study?

  • Learn more about your health.
  • Get exposure to new treatments.
  • Take part in the discovery of life-changing therapeutics.