Flourish Expands with Valley Clinical Trials

November 2, 2023
Flourish Research announces the acquisition of Valley Clinical Trials, adding to the rapidly expanding Flourish enterprise. Valley Clinical Trials, which has three locations in Los Angeles County, California, specializes in some of Flourish’s core research areas of Cardiology, Metabolic, and related therapeutic areas. Read the full release
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Jose Alvarez Joins Flourish Research as Chief Operating Officer

June 30, 2023
Flourish Research, a leading clinical trial company, is pleased to announce the addition of Jose Alvarez as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the company’s business operation while supporting Flourish’s vision of continued growth and advancement. Read the full release
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Flourish Research Expands with Two New Acquisitions

June 2, 2023
Flourish Research announces the acquisition of two companies, AMC Research in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Central Research Associates (CRA) in Birmingham, Alabama. AMC is a therapeutically focused Alzheimer’s Disease research site and CRA is a multi-therapeutic site. Both acquisitions complement Flourish’s strategy of acquiring and integrating best-in-class sites. Read the Full Release
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Flourish Research Joins SCRS as Global Impact Partner

May 9, 2023
As part of this partnership, Flourish Research will align with more than 50 other Global Impact Partners comprised of site networks, sponsors, CROs, and solution providers dedicated to establishing collaborative solutions that improve clinical research processes and ensure site sustainability. Read more
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