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Top Enroller

Because of our effective recruitment strategies and robust technology, Flourish Research is frequently the top enroller in a wide range of studies


Flourish Research was the top enroller with 121 participants randomized in a challenging COVID prophylaxis study for immunocompromised patients. Immunocompromised conditions included rheumatology, oncology, organ transplant, and neurology.

Participants were identified through various methods, including community outreach, engagement of regional physicians, our centrally optimized campaigns, and our robust database. Flourish also supported the study sponsor by sharing our recruitment guidance and best practices to help other sites optimize recruitment.

Because of our success and collaboration with the sponsor, we were selected to present the study results at the World Vaccine Congress.

In an early Alzheimer’s disease study, we screened 46 patients in 23 days of which 30% were from unrepresented communities. Overall, 30% of screened patients were eligible to randomize based on brain PET scan criteria, greatly exceeding industry standards.

Top Enroller
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